I'm glad you questioned their propaganda

I don't expect the anti-choicers to actually accurately educate the public about abortion, so it's no surprise to me you got kicked off that board. I think debunking their bullshit is prime in retaking this fight. People have been duped into associating first trimester abortions with cute little human-like fetuses, and this lie has got to be challenged in public forums throughout mass media and by pro-choice politicians. Every protest they launch is accompanied by these pictures and gruesome displays of what they want people to think a medically safe abortion actually is. I think the pro-choice "focus on the woman" meme is strategically wise, but we don't go about it with the fervor the anti-choicers do. I think we need some pictures. In color. The site of a stillborn fetus is nothing compared to a dead woman pooled in her own blood. People need to remember these images because they are the true story of what happens when we criminalize abortion. People need to be reminded of what septic infections look like. The public has been able to forget because federal law has (mostly) been on our side for a generation.

I also think we need to address the pro-safe gap. Although there are clearly exceptions, many people in our generation have understood the message. It's easy to be brought up in a sex-positive household with responsible views on STI-prevention and contraception and then see women who do get pregnant from consensual unprotected sex as irresponsible and not worthy of "the abortion bailout". This needs to be addressed too.

It sounds so cool. I wouldn't really classify it a mental illness so much as a sort of mental deviance. I'd imagine it works out really well for artistic types.

The name thing is something I understand; the particular spelling of a person's name factors into my first impressions and prejudices me a little. It would be cooler, IMO, to base one's opinions on their gematria value.