It may just be a myth

I had the pleasure of attending this session, and was completely blown away by it. I didn't have a chance to thank you or the other presenters, Amanda, but this session was really one of the major highlights for me. I'm still thinking about and excitedly talking about what a tremendously informative and thought provoking session it was.

I really don't understand how architects let their profession get so fucked up that most of them think it is a good idea to design buildings so that they are disorienting to the people who are supposed to use them. Do they just hate their fellow human beings and want them to suffer, instead of be comfortable?. .Either way, the design of that building in the picture is fucking disgraceful.

My understanding was that the building was designed to force a group of people that are traditionally sort of isolationist to interact with each other. The outside of the building is far more chaotic looking than the inside, and, honestly, the inside is thought provoking but comfortable, I thought. It's a visually interesting space and I can see how the slightly curving hallways and such make one more likely to run into and interact with other people. Maybe the story I hear wasn't true, but, either way, I really love the strata center.