Thank you for the debunking

The majority of abortions are performed during the embryonic stage of development. No cute aliens involved - blob and a yold sac. Somehow, that doesn't thrill those who seek to guilt women out of them, so they trot out these near-viable, fully formed intact spontaneous abortions (miscarriages - God's abortions).

The vast majority of late abortions - a very small fraction of the total abortions - occur because something went badly wrong. Most of those are considered tragically lost children by their parents and happened because the child died in utero, was deformed beyond compatibility with life, or threatened the mother's life. The idiot brigade wants you to think otherwise because it is so much easier to hate women that way.

A while ago the Economist had an article on the sub-prime crisis featuring a picture of Bush giving a speech at Wall Street with the caption under it; "We must find a way out of here." (complete the next line in the lyric)